What does antimicrobial mean?

Acrylic Antibacterial Touch To Open Sensors

During the manufacturing process of our sensors, SteriTouch® antibacterial protection is added to our black housings and the acrylic signage. This means the whole sensor is protected against 99% of bacteria, including E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella, as well as black mould growth, bio film and fungi. SteriTouch® works continuously and effectively to restrict the growth before it appears. It eradicates the bacteria which cause contamination and infection, as well as those responsible for odours and staining. The antimicrobial effect also protects against degradation, extending its use!

So as you can see, they are much more cleaner than your usual "Push pads" and not too dissimilar in cost either! Why not give them a try on your next job? Give us a call to discuss or visit our website for further details.

PS. Don't forget that we can personalise the acrylic signage ... and it will still be protected by the antimicrobial effect too.

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