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SQWCRADAR-KIT - Radar Key Entry Disabled Persons Toilet Door Kit

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Disabled toilet locking system with Radar key entry.


How it Works?

The toilet door is normally locked. If it is vacant, as shown by the blue status LED, the user can insert their Radar key and turn it to the right. The door will unlock and open.


Once inside and the door is shut, the user touches the internal ‘Touch to Lock/Open’ sensor. This changes all the LED’s to red, signifying the engaged status, and inhibits the external Radar lock.


When finished the user touch touches the same sensor and the door unlocks and opens, the LED’s change back to blue.


Available with emergency entry keyswitch built into external unit.


The RADAR entry key unit is heavy duty and weatherproof!

  • Details


    • Heavy duty, weatherproof external radar key entry unit
    • Internal anti-microbial sensor
    • Powered by 12-24Vdc
    • Switching red & blue LEDs to show engaged or vacant status
    • Optional to have emergency entry keyswitch built into external unit (includes 2 keys)
    • Anti prank contact to prevent misuse
    • Timed clean output for auto door operation
    • Mag lock powered by the door operator


    Kit Includes:

    • Square stainless steel radar key entry switch with LED status indicator
    • Square illuminated anti-microbial 'Touch to Lock/Unlock' switch
    • 12V 3A power supply with WCPCB (control board)
    • CP500S mag lock
    • 2.1Ah battery
    • Emergency break glass
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