WCLOCK-L-KIT      Steri-Prox WC Locking System

WCLOCK-L-KIT Steri-Prox WC Locking System

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Our brand new WC locking kit is a simple and hygienic way of locking or simply highlighting the facilities status. It is an ideal system to support with the distancing restrictions.


A key override is included in case of an emergency so you will always be able to get in if needed.


All switches are antimicrobial so in the event anyone does touch the switches, they will kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.


The kit includes - internal & external sensors, mag lock with brackets, power supply and break glass.


Available with 12V 2A Inline power supply (1-3 doors) and boxed power supplys 1A & 3A options (1-2 doors & 3-6 doors). Battery back up options also available.

  • How It Works

    • Simply enter the toilet/cubicle, present your hand to activate the switch, which is touch free up to 50mm. 
    • This will then trigger the Engaged sign on the outer door and lock the main entrance to the toilets, preventing anyone else entering whilst in use, achieving distancing requirements.
    • When you are ready to exit simply present your hand to the switch, which will open the main door/ cubicle and turn the indicator to VACANT, ready for the next person to safely use.
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