SESAME   Smartphone Garage Door Controller

SESAME Smartphone Garage Door Controller

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Check the status of your door in real time, open and close the door from anywhere in the world and receive notifications everytime the door is open or closed on your mobile phone.


Please check for the Sesame symbol on the sticker on your control panel to ensure Sesame will be compatible. 


Compatible with our VERSUS M8 / ML8 control systems.

  • Details


    •     Manage your garage door with your mobile phone.
    •     Feel safer knowing your door’s real status at any time.
    •    Easily open and close the door from any location.
    •    Plug and play - no wiring or magnets
    •    Receive alerts every time someone enters or exits your home, even if they have used a control or push button to do so.
    •    Anticipate security devices potential battery problems thanks to a low-battery notification.
    •    Compatible with VERSUS M8 control panel.
    •    Support for up to 10 users (licenses renewable every 5 years, 2 included).
    •    Compatible with any 2.4GHz WiFi router.
    •    Compatible with Android and iOS with the free JCM Honoa app.

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