RC2000 - Roller Shutter Remote Control Panel With Light

RC2000 - Roller Shutter Remote Control Panel With Light

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A single phase roller shutter remote control system with courtesy light and control buttons. For use with roller shutter doors and roller garage doors that use a tubular motor with built in limit switches. Comes with a built in 868MHz receiver.


Very easy to install, simply supply mains voltage and connect the 4 motor wires. It also has connections for a key switch, safety terminals and 24Vac output. 2 pre-programmed transmitters included.

  • Details

    • Built in 868MHz radio receiver
    • Up to 32 transmitters can be programmed
    • Low voltage Open and Close control inputs for connection of  push buttons, rocker or key switch, the Open input can be connected to a fire alarm control panel to open the door in case of fire 
    • Photocell safety beam input - only active when door is closing, if the beam is broken the door will stop and reverse, suitable safety beams are available from our store
    • 24Vac output to power the safety beam
    • Push to run or hold to run (dead man, man present) closing option, selectable by DIP switch
    • 230V courtesy light output that switches on for 3 minutes whenever the door is opened or closed
    • Separate Open, Close and Stop remote controls in a choice of styles
    • Also available is a five channel transmitter this allows up, down and stop control of up to 5 roller shutters either individually or simultaneously (group control)
    • Supplied with 2 remote control transmitters, additional transmitters are available
    • Dimensions: 210 x 141 x 85mm (with glands)
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