MagnaSensor VD961A - Vehicle Ground Sensor

MagnaSensor VD961A - Vehicle Ground Sensor

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VD961A  is a road sensor set in the centre of a road suitable for opening an automated gate. It has three sensitivity settings selected by wiring. The output is a volt free normally open contact giving a pulse when a vehicle arrives.


MagnaSensors recognise vehicles by their ferrous content. Ambient conditions are set on power up like a conventional loop detector. MagnaSensors are set in the middle of the road. They can be in any orientation, so fitting in a polythene pipe is ideal.


Comes with 10 metres of cable.

  • Details

    -  the Magna sensor, does not require any loops to be cut—the sensor does the job of the loops.

    -  Saves time, mess and is much more reliable and quicker to install than a conventional loop detector.

    -  Simpler wiring than a loop detector—just 4 wires to wire in and no module to fit - self setting,

    -  It is a ‘free exit’ sensor.

    -  Digital technology allows exit sensors to to be over 100m from the control board.

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