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Single-phase control panel with touch interface, radiosens transmitter, alarm and buzzer. Comes with 2 remotes.


The KEEROLL solution, together with the RadioSens3 system, has direct communication with the user and the installer. Its capacitive, tactile front with illuminated keys is designed to make the user’s life as easy as possible. The door can be opened and closed by any person without the need for technical know-how.


The control panel incorporates the most advanced system for detecting obstacles via radio, without wires. With the RadioSens3 system you can forget about fitting a safety edge. You only need to fit the transmitter onto the last slat of the door to comply with all safety regulations.


It's clean, quick and straightforward. Comes with a 5 year warranty!!

  • Details

    KEEROLL Specification:

    • Power supply: 230V
    • Standby / operating current: <60mA / 200mA
    • Maximum motor power: 1.2kW
    • Motor fuses: 6A
    • Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C
    • Watertightness: IP42
    • Dimensions: 179 x 227 x 57 mm
    • 5 Year Warranty


    RADIOSENS Specification:

    • Frequency: Multifrequency system 868MHz auto-adjustable (Channel 1: 868,700 - 869,200MHz. Channel 2: 868,000 - 868,600MHz. Channel 3: 869,400 - 869,650MHz. Channel 4: 869,400 - 869,650MHz)
    • Memory: 1 RS3 TGL868 transmitter
    • Transmitter consumption: 0.1mA standby, 12mA operation
    • Range: 50m
    • Battery life: See table in manual


    Radio transmitters specification:

    • Frequency: 868MHz
    • Coding: High security rolling code, cannot be cloned
    • Range: 100m
    • Memory: 27 codes
    • Channels: 2
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