Dynamite VD959 – Adjustable Ground Vehicle ‘Free Exit’ Sensor


Diablo Dynamite Adjustable Mini Exit Sensor & Module Kit Simple installation

Drill a 25mm hole in the middle of the driveway for the yellow sensor, then cut a shallow slot for the cable from the hole directly to the control panel (no need for loops to be cut). Connect to the small module in the control panel which has auto-setting. Fill slot with road repair material. Simple!

Designed for gate installations (including solar and battery operated). Pulse technology for use in free exit/free entry applications. Requires no loops to be cut, sensor does the work of the loops


One length of cable used from sensor direct to the control panel.

Self-setting: pre-set to normal sensitivity and tunes itself to best frequency. Proven reliability


  • With no loops to fit, the installation takes a quarter of the time
  • Self-setting means no triggering and having to return to site
  • Hardly any mess as no loops to cut
  • Self-setting is easy, just simply wire in the 6 wires and job is done


The Dynamite has been a welcome advance in the Loop Detector industry, for free exit applications.

No more unpleasant hours spent digging in loops.  The direct burial cable goes directly from the sensor to the control box, the sensor does the job of the loops.  In addition the module is self-setting which completes an easy installation in a quarter of the time. The VD909 has a very low current draw which makes it ideal for solar applications.


  • Results in the opportunity for greatly increased service life due to the reduced exposure to hazards such as road traffic, pavement movement, pavement deterioration, and roadwork.
  • The fact that the “Mini-Loop” is not installed in the pavement and that the lead-in is very durable allows the “Mini-Loop” to be used in situations such as cobblestone pavements, poor pavements, dirt/gravel roads, and bridge decks.
  • Minimal intrusion into good pavements!


Adjustable version of the VD909

Diablo Dynamite Adjustable Mini Exit Sensor & Module Kit

The ‘Dynamite’ mini loop is a unique vehicle detector device in a 22mm diameter tube.

An integral ground cable runs back to a module in your control panel. Dynamite gives a pulse output when a vehicle drives over. It is not a safety device

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