CP105    Single Micro Power Lock Direct Fix

CP105 Single Micro Power Lock Direct Fix

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Single Lock direct fix with standard fixing plate.


On double doors 2 are required.


  • 680 kg (1500 lb) holding force per lock
  • Multiple voltage input - any voltage from 12 vDC to 24 vDC
  • Very low current consumption 12 v = 0.28 A and 24 v = 0.14 A
  • Early warning alarm EW technology - magnets are fitted with EW pressure sensors able to send an alarm before access forced open with 0-30 second timer delay
  • Alarm relay input
  • PCB is to be located inside the transom, operator or PSU
  • Note that the lock body is rounded and has no sharp edges which gives it a different look and is also ‘safer/less hazardous’ on low height frames
  • For open-out doors the lock is fixed to the SDGi bracket allowing infinite adjustment backwards forwards and sideways
  • Armature is on a sliding plate allowing 5 mm travel left and right and 1 mm up and down travel to ensure 100% alignment
  • Extremely high quality patented lock and bracket system
  • Variants for open out, open in and timber doors
  • Comes completely assembled so all you have to do is install it


** Please specify which door operator you intend to use when ordering any Gingers Spark locks  **

  • Specification

    • 128 mm wide under the transom/reveal
    • Lock suspends 40 mm below the transom/reveal
    • Armature is 70 mm W x 26 mm
    • 2 required for a double door
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