ml8 roller shutter control panel, controller with courtesy light

VERSUS ML8 - Single Phase Luxe Control Panel


Configurable single-phase operating panel featuring courtesy light and buttons, for leaf-folding, sliding, sectional, leaf up and over, folding and roller doors and barriers.


The unit features a built in 868MHz radio receiver for use with handheld and wall mount transmitters.


The is also a connection for a plug in safety receiver, which can be used with the Radiosens3 impact detector system, or the Radioband3 system, which allows a wireless safety edge to be installed.

  • Details

    • Built in 868MHz receiver for wireless controls. High security rolling code.
    • Connection for plug in safety receiver, allowing wireless safety to be fitted.
    • This allows the control panel, safety receiver and radio receiver to all be in one neat box! 
    • Multiple configurable input and outputs, to allows connection of safety beams, hardwired controls, etc.



    • Control panel for 1 single phase motor 
    • Power supply/Max. Pow. 230V/1CV (0.75kW) or 1.2 kW engine 
    • Built in 868MHz radio receiver for wireless controls. High security rolling code, cannot be cloned. 30 codes, expandable by 500 and can be managed by the ASSISTANT system if required 
    • Expansion input for Radioband safety receiver card with a memory of up to 6 Radioband 3G safety transmitters or 1 Radiosens3 transmitter 
    • Configurable inputs and outputs 
    • Status indicator by means of ERROR LED 
    • Detection of engine stoppage by limit switch or by mechanical buffer detection
    • Operating failure detection
    • Light and buttons
    • See datasheet and manual for more specific details
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    Compatible transmitters:

    GO MINI, GO2, GO4, MUV2, MUV4