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VERSUS M8 RB3 - Control Panel with Radioband 3G Safety System


VERSUS M8 RB3 - Control Panel with Radioband 3G Safety System.


Kit includes M8 single phase residential control panel, plug in safety receiver card and safety transmitter, which allows the connection of any type of safety edge, including mechanical, resistive and optical. This kit allows you to provide control and wireless safety all in one box.


The control panel also features built in 868MHz radio receiver for handheld and wall mount wireless controls.

  • Details

    VERSUS M8:

    • Panel to control single phase engines
    • Power supply/Max. Pow. 230V/1CV (0.75kW) or 1,2 kW engine, single phase
    • Activation of engine by relay, without engine power regulation nor smooth stoppage
    • 868MHz receiver, 30 codes incorporated with possibility of expansion to 500 codes
    • Red luminous indicator
    • Active input-output indicator
    • Status indicator by way of ERROR LED or display cards
    • Detection of engine stoppage by limit switch or by mechanical buffer detection
    • Operating failure detection.


    Radioband 3G System:

    The 3rd generation wireless Radioband is the most sophisticated and secure to date. It is compatible with all control panels on the market, and can be used with all types of edge, including our special always activated edge, standard low powered optical edge, resistive edge and electromechanical (NC) edge. 

    • On this system the receiver plugs directly into the control panel
    • Smart adjustment of communication power between the receiver and the transmitter, providing a greater range than previous generations. Now 100 metres. 
    • The RB3 T868 transmitter features 2 independent inputs to enable the connection of 2 safety edges to the same transmitter. Depending on the position of the three selector switches, one or the other safety edge can be connected. 
    • Automatic management of the communication channel between the receiver and the transmitter. (Up to 4 self-adjusting channels 868MHz). 
    • Possibility of having the optical safety edge permanently activated without the need for a safety edge activation signal, in accordance with EN 13241-1.