SQOPEN, antimicrobial door touch switch

SQOPEN - Square Hardwired Antimicrobial Acrylic Sensor

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Square hardwired 'Touch to Open' sensor with scratch resistant, antimicrobial acrylic label. Primarily used to activate automatic doors.


Available with or without wheelchair logo.

  • Details

    • 12 - 28Vdc
    • 4 position sensitivity adjustment (Touch to hands free)
    • Timed clean relay output
    • Sounder on activation
    • Scratch resistant anti microbial acrylic label
    • Entire label is sensitive
    • Robust nylon housing with Steritouch additive which kills 99.9% of germs
    • Comes with anti-tamper screws (Tool supplied)
    • IP65 rated
    • Max 50m distance between touch sensor and RX receiver
    • Company name & logo can be printed on the label (Contact us for further information)



    Our SteriTouch® sensors offer protection against a range of bacteria including E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Legionella, as well as black mould growth, biofilm and fungi. Mould growth is responsible for costly redecoration cycles and respiratory complaints, especially in damp and humid environments where its prevention is otherwise difficult.

    SteriTouch® works continuously and effectively to restrict this growth before it appears. It eradicates the bacteria which cause contamination and infection, as well as those responsible for odours and staining. The antimicrobial effect also protects the product against degradation, extending its use!

    All housings are protected by SteriTouch® which means 99.9% of germs will not grow on them! Our acrylic signage is also protected by SteriTouch® which means you could have a fully protected sensor.

    Ideal Applications Include:​

    • Laboratories

    • Cleans Rooms 

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Public Toilets

    • Food Processing

    • Restaurants

    • Doctors Surgeries

    • Hospitals & Clinics

    • Mortuaries

    • Industrial Environments

    • Retail and Commercial Premises

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