RCONTACT TI - Pedestrian Door Safety Device

RCONTACT TI - Pedestrian Door Safety Device

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Magnetic contact detector transmitter for industrial doors.


Many shutters, doors and gates have pedestrian or wicket doors within them to make access easier. For safety reasons though, the shutter or door as a whole should not be able to operate when the pedestrian door is in use because it could seriously injure someone.


This system uses a magnetic contact to tell the state of the door, and if it is open, the gate/door will not operate. All this is done wirelessly, making the install quick and easy.

  • Details

    • Range (nominal): 50 metres.
    • Power supply: two 1.5Vdc AA type batteries.
    • Operating consumption: 12mA.
    • Approximate battery life of 2 years.
    • Operating temperature: -20ºC - + 55ºC.
    • Water tightness: IP65.
    • Magnetic sensor.
    • Non-standard applications.
    • Range between transmitter and sensor: 30mm
    • Box dimensions: 151 x 60 x 23 mm.
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