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RB3 T868 - 3rd Generation Safety Transmitter

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Radioband 3rd generation safety edge transmitter, provide wireless safety edge systems on gates, barriers, roller shutters, etc. Compatible with all types of safety edge, always activated optical, standard optical, resistive, mechanical.


The 3rd generation wireless Radioband is the most sophisticated and secure to date. It is compatible with all control panels on the market, and can be used with all types of edge, including our special always activated edge, standard low powered optical edge, resistive edge and electromechanical (NC) edge. 


Only compatible with 3rd generation receiver (RB3 R868).

  • Details

    • 3G transmitter for optical, resistive and mechanical safety edges.
    • Frequency: 868MHz.
    • Multi-frequency system: Four 868MHz self-adjusting channels.
    • Controls up to 2 safety edges on the same transmitter.
    • No activation signal is required for the optical safety edge – it is always active.
    • Approximate battery life: 2 years.
    • Nominal range 50 m.
    • Power supply: Two 3.6 Vdc ER14500 Li – SOCL lithium batteries.
    • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +85ºC.
    • Protection degree: IP65.
    • Box dimensions: 151 x 60 x 23 mm.
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