PROGMAN – Portable Programming Tool

  • Portable transmitter, proximity key and card, receiver memory card,  control panel and operating panel programmer.
  • It allows for the installer code assigned to the equipment to be  managed.
  • It operates via a rotary menu using fixed function keys.
  • It has a numeric keypad and low-consumption LCD (1.5 volt  batteries).
  • It has an automatic cut-off function after 3 minutes to save battery,  with an acoustic warning.
  • Main functions: add/remove installer, PIN assignment, code  registering and removal, standby assignment, replacements, channel  configuration, event reading and operating panel parameter configuration.
  • The configuration cable for operating panels is supplied.
  • Can be updated using an update card.
  • Power supply: two AA-type 1.5Vdc batteries.
  • The programmer has an autonomy of approximately 1000 operations.
  • Average / maximum consumption: 8mA/200mA.
  • Temperatura funcionamiento –10ºC a + 60ºC.
  • IP20.
  • Size: 150 x 90 x 26 mm.

The PROGMAN allows easy installation creation, programming and user management.

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