neo10-g, neo10-q

NEO10 - 1 Channel Transmitter

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JCM Technolgoies NEO10 high security 433MHz transmitter for operating gates, garage doors or other electric devices.


If ordering replacements of this transmitter, you need to check what coding is present on your existing remotes. This will be displayed on the sticker on the back of existing remotes or on the end of the box they came in. For example: NEO10-Q, NEO10-G. Please order the replacement transmitter with the same code. This is very important, as they will not work if you order the wrong code. If something other than a Q or G appears on your remotes then please give us a call as we may be able to help. 

If there is a company logo on your existing remote, please contact that company directly for replacements.

  • Details

    • JCM Technologies dynamic coding system
    • 433.92MHz
    • Up to 100 metre range
    • 1 Button
    • 75 x 43 x 15 mm
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