MAXXI CND - 8K2 Resistive Safety Edges

MAXXI CND - 8K2 Resistive Safety Edges

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Resistive safety edges with an inner TPE conductive profile. It guarentees a quick response to every impact! The MAXXI CND safety edge is designed to be used on big or heavy sliding gates, where requirements about the impact force reduction according to EN12453 are made.

The rubber profile has an increased height and with. The use of a conductive rubber insert, MAXXI allows for rapid reaction times. The safety edge is easy to install, just a few seconds are needed for the device to be installed, with the well tested push & click CCE system. The profile can be shortened to any length, starting from the top.

Even after having shortened the device, wiring is still simple and easy thanks to the exclusive watertight slip on system.

  • Details

    • IP67 resistive strip with fixed resistive end caps provides quick cut down system
    • Fast reacting edge from multiple directions makes gates incredibly safe
    • Versatile edge can be cut down by any amount while on site
    • 8k2 resistive edge
    • Perfect for use on a sliding gate
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