hotron sss-5, swing door safety sensors

Hotron SSS-5 Swing Door Safety Sensors

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Automatic swing door safety sensor range with 6 spots of detection per PCB unit. 900mm of door face safety at an installation height of 2.2m


Available in 3 different lengths (360mm, 692mm & 1023mm)


Robust, easy to install and EN16005 compliant.

  • Details

    Maximise Pedestrian Safety

    Only 1 PCB unit is required to provide 800 - 1,000mm of safety coverage along the swing door width


    Save on Costs

    No need to use 2 PCB units in one sensor housing to ensure compliance with EN16005


    Reduce Installation Times

    Removable wiring terminal block and push button detection distance settings significantly reduces on-site installation time.


    Strong & Robust

    Solid, tough sensor body design not susceptible to vandalism or damage during installation


    Performance Reliability

    The SSS-5 performs reliably on all floor surfaces and reflective environments

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