hotron hr85, infrared door safety sensor

Hotron HR85 Infrared Technology Safety Sensor


Internally mounted automatic door activation & pedestrian safety.


Infrared technology, internally mounted, automatic door activation and safety sensor. Unobtrusive sensor when installed. Featuring, Door Learn Technology and a dense infrared safety curtain for increased pedestrian safety. Single relay output.

  • Details

    Unobtrusive Ceiling Mount Installation

    Protrudes only 16mm when recessed mounted into a false ceiling


    Improved Pedestrian Safety

    36 spot infrared safety curtain, combined with advanced “Door Learn” technology protects pedestrian in front of and between the moving door leaves


    Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment

    The HR85 automatically adjusts its sensitivity setting to ensure the optimal performance in all installation environments


    High Installation Height

    Can be installed at heights of up to 4m

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