Hotron HR50-uni, Hotron HR50-BI, Auto door activation sensor

Hotron HR50-UNI Detection Sensors

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User-friendly overhead microwave sensor suitable for a variety of door types at mounting heights of up to 4m.


Miniature sliding & swing door activation sensor. Uni-directional detecting technology for reduced door hold opening times. Turtle mode for enhanced pedestrian safety. Microwave technology. 



Large Detection Area

Detection area of up to 4m wide x 2m deep1 ensures timely door activation when doors are approached by fast moving traffic 1 Installation height of 2.2m


Simple to Install

Easy installation to suit all environments through detection area adjustment and sensitivity potentiometer


Attractive Design

Small and neat so this sensor will enhance and complement all door types


  • Details

    • Installation height: Max 4000mm (13.1ft)
    • Sensor Dimensions: 120mm (W), 70mm (H), 41.5mm (D)
    • Presence Timer: infinie
    • IP Rating: 54
    • Power Supply: 12 to 30V DC, 12 to 24V AC
    • Power Consumption: 40mA (DC24V)
    • Operating temperature: -30°C to +55°C, (-22°F to 131°F)
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