hotron hr100-ct

Hotron HR100-CT Infrared Technology Sensor

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Pioneering super sensor offers pedestrian door activation and unprecedented safety at mounting heights of up to 3m


Accurately adjustable detection area eliminates false door openings in busy urban environments. Featuring, Door Learn and Uni-directional detecting technology. EN16005 compliant, with dual relay outputs.

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    Energy Efficient

    Intelligent unidirectional detection ability reduces door hold open time by 20% and building energy loss by 6% in a standard installation


    Unparalleled Pedestrian Safety

    Unique ability to memorize door motion allows the infrared safety curtain to be focused inside the moving door leaf resulting in unparalleled pedestrian safety



    Flexibility to adjust the door activation and pedestrian safety detection zones independently makes the HR100-CT the ideal sensor for every sliding door installation


    Ease of Installation

    All the information necessary to install the HR100-CT sensor is printed on the sensor body

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