Hotron 3H-IR14 Infrared Technology Sensor

Hotron 3H-IR14 Infrared Technology Sensor


EN16005 compliant sliding door activation/safety sensor in a compact housing. Infrared technology, automatic door activation combined with pedestrian safety. Extremely small sensor, with an accurately adjustable detection area to eliminate false door activations. Silver verision is a single relay output. Black version is a Dual relay monitored safety output.

  • Details


    Smallest sensor on the market that offers EN16005 compliant automatic door activation combined with pedestrian safety


    Pedestrian Safety

    Dense and reliable curtain of safety beams focused directly in front of the moving door with a factory set presence timer setting of 30s


    Ideal for Internal Mounting

    Only 37mm of headroom required for internal mounting in a door engine cover or dropped ceiling when mounted in conjunction with our HA-14 internal mounting bracket


    Installs in Minutes

    Set the safety zone in front of the sliding door and change only two dip switch settings for full compliance to European automatic door norms EN16005

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