go-switch wireless key switch, radio roller shutter key switch

GO SWITCH - Wireless Key Switch

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Wireless 868MHz keyswitch for control of shutters and doors with control panels with built in receiver, or via a standalone receiver.


See Related Products for compatible devices.


Surface and Flush mount available.


If you are purchasing this item as a replacement, it is important that existing unit was purchased from us. If it was purchased from a different distributor then it won't be compatible with the control panel/receiver. If you are unsure please contact us and we will help you identify what distributor it came from.

  • Details

    • 868MHz
    • All metal construction
    • Spring loaded centre off, up and down control, marked with up and down arrows
    • 30 metre range
    • Anti tamper - it requires the key to be inserted in order to gain access
    • Power 3V lithium battery type CR2032
    • Dimensions 75 x 75 x 65 mm
    • Protection IP43
    • Supplied with 3 keys
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    Compatible control panels:

    ROLLER868, M8, ML8, M22, i30


    Compatible receivers:

    BASE30/2, BASE500/2, WAVE500, ACCESS500, ACCESS2000

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