jcm tech FREE50R, 5 metre long range reader

FREE50R - 5M Hands Free Antenna

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Antenna to trigger receiver when a programmed tag enters within a 5 metre range. Completely independent from the receiver, it only needs power to work, making it very easy to install. When a Free Tag gets close enough to the antenna, it triggers the tag which sends a 868MHz radio signal to the corresponding receiver at a distance of up to 100 metres.


The hands free system allows the independent control of up to 28 doors or other devices, without the need to ever press a button.

  • Details

    • Triggers with activation input
    • Nominal range: 5 metres
    • Power: 230Vac
    • LED operations indicator
    • Button input for channel and/or group programming
    • Pre-wired connection
    • Operating temperature -20°C a + 55°C
    • ABS IP66 plastic case
    • Size: 394.4 x 310.5 x 41.6 mm
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