3M Hands Free Antenna FREE30R



With the hands-free system you can open any door without having to press a button. Walk into the range of the Free30r antenna with a FreeT or TH and the antenna sends a radio signal. It is simple to install as wiring is required.

  • The FreeT can be used in a vehicle or can be used for pedestrians. This enables the control of the access of people and goods.
  • The FreeTH is a multipurpose product, designed to control wandering people or to locate people in buildings.

Benefits for installers 

  • Become an important installer of innovative and technological products with an increasing demand on the market.
  • Access to new applications and installations.
  • Hands-free for controlling access.

Benefits for the user 

  • Highly convenient (no buttons required to open the door)
  • FreeTH- designed to control wandering people or to locate people in buildings, to control presence, emergency and evacuation plans.
  • FreeT- can be used as a standard transmitter with no presence of hands-free triggers.

Available Accessories- FREE T supplied with clothes clip and car stand.  FREE TH supplied with single-use wristband. With acoustic activation feedback and low battery warning.

  • Nominal range: 3 metres
  • Transmission frequency: 125 KHz
  • Power: 12/24Vac/dc
  • LED operations indicator
  • Button input for channel and/or group programming
  • Pre-wired connection
  • Operating temperature -20°C a + 55°C
  • ABS IP66 plastic case
  • Size: 205 x 183 x 14 mm

The hands free system allows the independent control of up to 28 doors or other devices, without the need to ever press a button. The antenna triggers the receiver when a programmed tag enters within a 3 metre range. Completely independent from the receiver, it only needs power to work, making it very easy to install. When a Free Tag gets close enough to the antenna, it triggers the tag which sends a 868MHz radio signal to the corresponding receiver.

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