jcm tech free30r, 3 metre range hands free antenna

FREE30R - 3M Hands Free Antenna

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Antenna to trigger receiver when a programmed tag enters within a 3 metre range. Completely independent from the receiver, it only needs power to work, making it very easy to install. When a Free Tag gets close enough to the antenna, it triggers the tag which sends a 868MHz radio signal to the corresponding receiver at a distance of up to 100 metres.


The hands free system allows the independent control of up to 28 doors or other devices, without the need to ever press a button.

  • Details

    Benefits for the installer

    Become an important installer of innovative and technological products with an increasing demand on the market. Access to new applications and installations. Hands-free for controlling access.

    Benefits for the user

    Highly convenient (no buttons required to open the door). Higher security because the activation area is completely defined by the system. FreeTH is a multipurpose product, specially designed to control wandering people, to locate people in buildings, to control presence, emergency and evacuation plans. Versatile to use because FreeT can be used as a standard transmitter with no presence of hands-free triggers. Can be used in MOTION access control centres. FreeT supplied with clothes clip and car stand. FreeTH supplied with single-use or multipurpose wristband. With acoustic activation feedback and low battery warning.


    • Nominal range: 3 metres
    • Transmission frequency: 125 KHz
    • Power: 12/24Vac/dc
    • LED operations indicator
    • Button input for channel and/or group programming
    • Pre-wired connection
    • Operating temperature -20°C a + 55°C
    • ABS IP66 plastic case
    • Size: 205 x 183 x 14 mm
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