FPLAS finger guard

FPLAS Finger Protection

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A silicone based, rubberised finger protector, that protects fingers from getting trapped at the hinge point of closing automatic swing doors.


Colour - Black

  • Details

    High Safety Level


    • Black silicone based rubberized material spans the gap between the swing door frame and the moving door leaf
    • 2.1m in length giving complete protection for little fingers
    • Full compliance with European automatic door regulations EN16005


    Smoke & Acoustic Seal

    • The LAS-9070 acts as a smoke and acoustic seal, isolating interior and exterior environments 


    Ease of Installation

    • Provided wth self-tapping metal screws
    • Fixing holes are pre-drilled and slotted to allow the seals to be adjusted and positioned accurately
    • A PVC cover strip to conceal fixings is supplied
    • Can be easily cut to length on-site


    Tough & Durable

    • Tested over 500,000 opening and closing cycles without any sign of degradation.
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