COMPACT CND - 8K2 Resistive Safety Edges

COMPACT CND - 8K2 Resistive Safety Edges

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Resistive safety edges with an inner TPE conductive profile. It guarentees a quick response to every impact! 

They can be cut down at will because they use an inner TPE conductive strip. This allows the COMPACT to support a small discreet yet cushioned profile able to absorb impacts and react instantly to them. External structure in co-extruded thermoplastic. Soft rubber endcaps for total protection throughout the device.



Sliding gates, swing gates, sectional doors, rolling shutters.

  • Details

    • Dimensions - 61mm tall x 37mm wide
    • IP67 resistive strip with fixed resistive end caps provides quick cut down system
    • Fast reacting edge from multiple directions makes gates incredibly safe
    • Versatile edge can be cut down by any amount while on site
    • 8k2 resistive edge
    • Operating temperatures: -10° +55° C.
    • Perfect for use on a sliding gate
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    Safety transmitters:

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