CMO mechanical safety edge

CMO - Electromechanical Safety Edges

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Automatic electric sliding gates can be a danger if not fitted with the correct safety devices. A pressure sensitive safety edge fitted to the leading edge of the gate will prevent the gate from operating when it comes into contact with people and obstructions preventing crushing and injury.

The CMO is a fail safe electromechanical gate safety edge certified to EN ISO 13849-2 cat 3 and EN 12978

Unlike many electromechanical safety edges the sensing cable in the rubber profile is constantly monitored, should it break or become out of calibration the output will be activated. Additionally it has built in redundancy and will not activate should one of the sensing micro switches fail.
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    • Available in 1.7, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 metre lengths
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    Safety transmitters:

    BAND-T, RB3 T868


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