radioband-tbx safety edge transmitter

BAND-T - 1st Generation Radioband Safety Transmitter

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1st Generation radioband transmitter to provide wireless safety on gates, barriers and roller shutters. Compatible with mechanical and resistive safety edges. Compatible only with the 1st generation receiver (BAND-R).

  • Details

    • 868 MHz transmitter for safety edge.
    • 8k2Ω inlet for resistive safety edge. Selection as an inlet for NC contact can be made using a jumper.
    • 10-metre range.
    • Power: Two AA-type 1.5 Vdc batteries.
    • 12mA operating consumption.
    • Batteries last for approximately 2 years.
    • Operating temperature -20 °C – +85 °C (version up to -40 °C).
    • IP65 airtightness.
    • At least 7 min. between two RADIOBAND/TBX activations (for compliance with the R&TTE Directive).
    • Box dimensions: 160 x 53 x 20 mm.
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