radioband-tbx safety edge transmitter

BAND-T - 1st Generation Radioband Safety Transmitter


1st Generation radioband transmitter to provide wireless safety on gates, barriers and roller shutters. Compatible with mechanical and resistive safety edges. Compatible only with the 1st generation receiver (BAND-R).

  • Details

    • 868 MHz transmitter for safety edge.
    • 8k2Ω inlet for resistive safety edge. Selection as an inlet for NC contact can be made using a jumper.
    • 10-metre range.
    • Power: Two AA-type 1.5 Vdc batteries.
    • 12mA operating consumption.
    • Batteries last for approximately 2 years.
    • Operating temperature -20 °C – +85 °C (version up to -40 °C).
    • IP65 airtightness.
    • At least 7 min. between two RADIOBAND/TBX activations (for compliance with the R&TTE Directive).
    • Box dimensions: 160 x 53 x 20 mm.
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