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ASSISTANT - Optional Programming Tool & Software

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The ASSISTANT allows easy installation creation, programming and user management of transmitters and proximity devices. The access control units removable memory card is plugged into the ASSISTANT, the installation can then be created very quickly and managed using the computer software, the memory card is then replaced in the access control unit.


The system also allows lost devices to be substituted for replacements, and new ones added, all via the programmer and software with no need for a site visit!

  • Details

    Installation creation and management


    • Cancellation and insertion of codes (users)
    • Creation, saving, modification, copying and back up of installations
    • Reservation of memory slots for additional users
    • Creation and management of user lists for example it is possible to assign users details name, address, telephone number etc to their particular transmitter or proximity tag/card
    • Code replacement of lost or stolen transmitters, proximity tag or card, for example simply program a new transmitter with the code of the lost transmitter plus a replacement code, then simply press the transmitter button whilst on site and the lost transmitter code is deleted and replaced with the new one, it is still assigned to the original user



    • Contactless programming and reading of transmitter, simply place the transmitter on the programming area of the ASSISTANT
    • Insertion and cancellation of installer code
    • Reading transmitter code
    • Code replacement


    Proximity tags and cards:

    • Contactless programming and reading of proximity tags and cards, simply place the device on the programming area of the ASSISTANT
    • Insertion and cancellation of installer code
    • Reading device code
    • Code replacement
    • Insertion, modification and deletion of validity dates, kill-pass*

    * ACCESS 2000 only


    Memory and events cards:

    • Memory card socket enables configuration, programming and reading of receiver and access control unit memory cards and the reading and saving of the events memory cards

    Contents Include:

    SOFT-ASSISTANT software on USB stick, USB cable and ASSISTANT programming tool



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