Disabled Toilet Locking Systems

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Our disabled person toilet locking system (DPTS) is the system of choice due to it's simple, easy to use, reliable and adaptable design. It is also incredibly clean as all of the touch switches, which are used to operate the system, feature anti-microbial properties in both the label and housing using SteriTouch® technology, active for the lifetime of the product.


The touch switches are great for people who struggle with dexterity, because no physical press is needed. In fact 50mm proximity can be achieved by increasing the sensitivity. The red and blue status indicators have also been chosen to aid people with visual impairments.


This system has been installed in the House of Commons, House of Lords, Heathrow and Gatwick airports, plus many more!

How it works

When the door is unlocked you can enter manually or operate the external sensor for assisted entry. Once inside the cubicle, touch the internal sensor which will lock the door. When you are ready to exit, touch the internal sensor again to unlock the door with assisted exit.

3 sensor, 2 door, secure door and radar key entry systems are also available, and our remote control & hands free systems can also be incorporated.

Contact us for more details.

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